Reverse the signs of ageing without surgery

Lifecell (Life Cell) Anti Aging Wrinkle South Beach Skin Care 2.54Oz

lifecellLifecell Skin Cream (£115)

Lifecell is the revolutionary new skin cream that uses only the most proven and powerful natural ingredients to create an anti-aging product that can be more effective than botox or other surgical means to retaining young looking skin.

Lifecell has been labelled ‘a miracle’ by some in the media.  Try for yourself and see if it really does turn back the clock on the visible signs of aging skin.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Products for Men

Excellent article I caught from Fox News on anti-aging products for men.

Men are increasingly becoming concerned about preventing signs of aging. Perhaps the reasons are the lower status society now accords to male experience and ‘wisdom’, the preference of women for more boyish looks in men, as well as simply the fact that it is far more acceptable for men to care about their appearance and to buy ‘beauty care’ products (for men).

To summarize the article, the top 10 anti-aging products for men are :

  1. Scalp stimulant/hair revitalizer
  2. Multivitamins
  3. Exfoliant (our pick : Clarins Active Face Wash – £14.07 )
  4. High-quality razor and shaving cream (our pick : Gillette Fusion Gamer – £8.16 )
  5. Eye cream (our pick : Clarins Under Eye Serum for Men - £20.99 )
  6. Antioxidant moisturizer (our pick : PharmaClinix Skin Vitamix for Men – £21.45 )
  7. Good reusable water bottle
  8. Great mattress
  9. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  10. Weights and exercise equipment

Tripollar RF Anti-Aging Products

TriPollar POSE the Cellulite buster
TriPollar is the first technology to allow professional Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening techniques to be employed at home with affordable anti aging products that anybody can use. TriPolar’s anti aging technology works by selectively heating inner layers of the skin. This leads to both the contraction and tightening of existing collagen fibers as well as their renewal and regeneration. As the breaking down of collagen over time is what causes wrinkles and the appearance of aging, TriPollar gives the skin a healthier and younger appearance – a fully non-surgical face-lift that has immediate and lasting results and that you can conduct in your own home yourself!

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Scientists discover genes that let you live forever

Scientists have achieved another breakthrough in identifying ‘longevity genes’ – genes that allow the lucky bearers to live to 100 or more, even if their lifestyles aren’t particularly healthy.

Rather than one gene being responsible for longevity, the Dutch researchers claim to have discovered that a rare combination of genes is needed to live to such long ages. The discovery of genetic underpinnings of long life is exciting because scientists hope to be able to mimic the effects of the genes in the body with the world’s first anti-aging drugs – enabling the vast majority of the population without the fortuitious genetic makeup to share the long life expectancies of those who do.

It is hoped the findings will enable scientists to invent an anti-ageing drug which will slow the ageing process down considerably. If it came about, it would be the ultimate blockbuster for the pharmaceutical industry as delaying the signs and symptoms of old age have long been a worldwide craze and one that people spend billions of pounds on every year.
Dr David Gems, a longevity researcher at University College London, believes that these treatments will become widespread.
‘If we know which genes control longevity then we can find out what proteins they make and then target them with drugs. That makes it possible to slow down ageing,’ he said.
‘We need to reclassify it as a disease rather than a natural, benign process. Much of the pain and suffering in the world are caused by aging. If we can find a way to reduce that, then we are morally obliged to take it.’

Source : Scientists find secret of living to be a hundred

Scientists discover genes that slow down aging

Scientists at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom have claimed to have discovered a gene that slows down the rate at which a person ages. The gene – DAF-16 – appears to be associated with long life-spans in both worms, other animals, and humans.

Lead researcher, Robin May, University of Birmingham said, “We wanted to find out how normal ageing is being governed by genesGene that slows down the ageing process discovered

How to Live Past 100

Singularity Blog has published an interest article instructing us to ‘get ready to live past 100′. Many ‘singularitarians’ believe that the speed of technological progress is actually accelerating. They believe that a point will be reached, perhaps within the next 50 years, where the rate of progress will become so fast as to make any kind of invention or technological development possible almost instantaneously, so long as it is within the laws of physics and the required resources are available.

Amongst other things, singularitarians believe that death, being just a physical process, will eventually be able to be overcome. After the singularity, ‘humans’ will be able to live forever, or at least until the death of the universe.

What many scientists believe, and not just singularitarians, is that we could be on the brink of extending human life span quite radically. Many singularitarians, and others, are keen to live long enough to be able to enjoy the fruits of future anti-aging medicine, and even the singularity itself. One such singularitarian has even published a book called ‘how to live long enough to live forever’.

The singularity hub article contains some similar advice. If you want to live past 100 and to experience a time when centenarians might look and feel 18 again, then you should start living healthily now.

The gist of the article is that there are three ways to live a long life :

1/ Live stress free – avoid unnecessary stress and try to have a strong social support network.
2/ Cut out risky unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol, and eating high fat foods.
3/ Hope that you are genetically blessed with longevity genes – of course you can’t do anything about whether you have these genes, but soon scientists will be able to mimic the effects of them through drugs and other means.

Cleo Q Face and Body Toning System

Cleo Q was voted the world’s best anti-aging product in 2009 by Women & Beauty magazine. Celebrities and even members of the British Royal Family have used it to tone their face and body and restore youthful looks. The Cleo Q is a scientifically proven anti-aging product that is non-invasive, portable, and easy to use. It works by sending energy into the muscles to firm and tighten them. The increased blood flow to the targeted muscles will also stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastin & vital nutrients, releasing them into the epidermis to generate a healthy, glowing complexion.

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Clarins super restorative serum


Clarins Super Restorative SerumClarins Super Restorative Serum is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care products. Utilising a newly discovered plant formula, including the powerful herbs Pueraria Lobata and Khaki Calyx, this serum will revitalise your skin, increase the natural production of collagen, and neutralise the free radicals which damage your skin cells.

If you’ve been searching for a product that can help restore the beauty and skin vitality of even women over 50, then this exciting new treatment is certainly worth trying. Apply a small amount once or twice a day and watch lines and wrinkles melt away.

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Centenarians share anti-aging gene

German scientists recently confirmed that many centenerians share a particular gene : FOXO3A . A varient of the DNA inside this gene was found to not only be common in those aged in their 90′s, it was even more common in those past their 100th birthday.

The findings highlight the strong role that genetics play in aging and also give further hope to a possible ‘centenerian’ anti aging product that could mimic the effects of the gene varient found in FOXO3A.

There have been some promising results from scientists studying how limited genetic manipulation can extend the life of mice. In humans, however, we are likely to seek ways of producing the effects of genetic manipulation without actually splicing our genes. The FOXO3A gene codes for the FOXO3A protein. If we figure out how longevity variants of FOXO3A change the protein (in its form, frequency, etc) we could then produce drugs that replicate that change and give our bodies long life.

Source : Want to Live Forever?

Broad smiles lead to longer lives

A Michigan University research team has found a remarkable relationship between the broadness of a person’s smile and the likelihood that they will lead a long life.

The team studied a 1952 edition of the Baseball Register, which allowed them to study pictures of players from that year and then check up on the age at which they died. The researchers found that the broadness of the player’s smiles and the extent of the creases around their eyes whilst they were smiling, was directly relational to the age to which they went on to live to.

Although the reports I have read give no indication as to why this relationship between smiling and longevity seems to hold, it’s fair to assume that the players with the broad smiles were genuinely more relaxed and happy people, thus less prone to die from stress related illnesses later on.

Source : Broader Smile, Longer Life : Study